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Feel the difference with new PuraStream
PuraStream for the ultimate showering experience exclusively from Gush Bathrooms.


Feel clean, refreshed and invigorated with the new PuraStream showering system

You will feel the difference from the moment you first use the shower. The fine spray and vibrating water molecules generated from the 256 triangular exit holes feels soft and smooth. Once the gel in the vitamin c and aroma cartridge has mixed with the water it will neutralise up to 98% of the chlorine found in your water supply.


Its citrus fragrance and aroma oils refresh and invigorate. Chlorine is bad for you and research shows that many of today's breathing and skin conditions can be as a result of Chlorine in your  shower water.

Neutralise Harmful Chemicals

Is your current shower really that bad for you? Did you know that chlorine can be inhaled and absorbed through the skin while showering. It also robs our hair and skin of essential oils and can be damaging to the delicate tissues in our lungs and nasal passages. Extensive research carried out over the past few decades all point towards the harmful effects chlorine can have on our body.


Chlorine is a powerful combatant against many parasites and disease-causing pathogens because of its harsh nature and is used as a cheap way to kill disease in our water supplies.

Vitamin C Antioxidant

Enjoy the combination of  vitamin C and essential oils contained in the vitamin C cartridge. Its zingy citrus aroma refreshes and invigorates while the vitamin C neutralises harmful chlorine in the water supply.


So you can now shower in clean healthy water. Vitamin C is also an effective antioxidant essential for tissue growth and repair. Each vitamin C cartridge contains the equivalent vitamin C of that found in 3000 lemons.

High Quality Clean Water

A combination of the triangular holes and the ceramic ball cartridge helps to generate 1000s of  negative Ions. Negative ions are generated around natural water falls, sea and surf. Commonly known as the Lenard effect they are good for health and the feeling of wellbeing, resulting in increased circulation and reduction of tiredness. Finally PuraStream uses a nonwoven fabric filter to ensure that any particles coming through your water supply are filtered out. This leaves only high quality and clean shower water.



If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your

PuraStream product within the first 30 days of your order

you may request a full refund


PuraStream is like having aromatherapy every time you shower. Skin will feel smoother, hair silkier and your whole body and mind revitalised.


Its as simple as swapping your existing shower handset with PuraStream

It’s 100% Risk Free!



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